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Spy Pebble

1 usd

Companion App made for Spy on Pebble Appstore.*Dont be fooled by the lack of screenshots, this app works in the background and cannot be shown with screenshots!
Grab the Spy.pbw for the pebble watch here at the Pebble Appstore:
^^^^ Be sure to always stay updated with the pebble app as well or errors might occur between communications. Error reports are being submitted showing users have not updated their Spy app on the pebble appstore!
Finally take pictures, videos, audio recordings and more SECRETLY!Let your Pebble SmartWatch and Spy Pebble turn you into a secret agent!Loaded with features like:
Take videos with front and back facing camera with screen OFF!!Take pictures(with front facing or back camera) with screen OFF!Use your phones Camera as a Motion Detector and take pictures of video when motion is detected. Send images to the pebble watch!Start audio recordings with screen on or OFF!!Start your phones voice recognition and have the conversation sent to your pebble watch LIVE!!Turn your phones flashlight on with out searching your phone for an app to do it, just use your watch!Silence and unsilence your phone!No battery drain!!!
This app can also use all the features above with the screen on and will not display what the app is doing or interrupt the device user!!!!!
Remember this is a Spy application, its meant to be low key in what it does, most of the functions should be done with the screen off. If there are times you use them with the screen on and dont see anything happening thats because its suppose to be that way.